"I like fucking carrot-tops."

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My love for Sciles is killing me!

Daryl Dixon is the boss!

Amy Dyer is my queen!

In The Flesh Teen Wolf The Walking Dead

Shameless Glee American Horror Story

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OTP: Klaine, Drarry, Sterek, Bravid, Naomily, Violate, Zyle, Destiel, Gallavich (Ian/Mickey and Lip/Mandy), Delena, Siren, Amy/Philip, Stendan, Takano/Onodera, Klaroline, Peeniss, Cophine, Mitchell/Annie, Buffy/Spike, Willow/Tara, Marshall/Lionel, Roman/Peter, Logan/Veronica, Eric/Sookie, Brian/Justin, Michael/Ben, Marshall/Lily, Phil/Claire, Mitchell/ Cameron, Daryl/Carol, Glenn/Maggie, Penny/Leonard, Howard/Bernadette, Sheldon/Amy, Akito/Sana, Piper/Leo, Burt /Virginia, Gomez/Morticia, Chandler/Monica, Luke/Lorelai, Karma/Amy, Ciel/Alois, Hal/Tom, Jess/Rory, Pacey/Jen, Jessica/Hoyt Nathan/Simon...

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